“Detskiy” TV channel & “To school with Leo”

“Detskiy” TV channel is an informational partner of the action “To school with Leo”, which is carried out by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The fund proposes to change the old school tradition, and instead of the bouquets of flowers, give the teachers a certificate of assistance to the leopard.

The Persian leopards lived in the Caucasus until the middle of the last century, until they were completely exterminated by man. To return these rare cats to historical habitats, a large-scale program is being implemented. Before releasing into the wild, kittens are being trained at “school” that will help them to survive on their own, navigate and hunt.

The first leopards - Victoria, Akhun and Killy - were released in July 2016 on the territory of the Caucasian Reserve and are getting familiar with the territory. Five more “schoolchildren” continue training.

To support the action and learn more about the “school” of leopards, you can visit https://new.wwf.ru/backtoschool/.