JSC «STREAM» TV Company declares that an appointment of the creative producer of «Okhota I Rybalka» TV channel went to Stanislav Radzishevsky. He will be responsible for creative development of TV channel, research and growth of new projects and innovative monitoring.

Commenting on appointment, the CEO of JSC «STREAM» TV Company, Alexander Lavrov said: «I am glad that Stanislav Radzishevsky joined our team as the creative producer of «Okhota I Rybalka» TV channel. I am sure that his long-term professional assessment and extensive experience as an author, host, and producer of own projects and – of course – the fisherman, will certainly give the synergetic effect for the further successful development of the main TV channel of our country for hunters and fishers».

Stanislav Radzishevsky noted: «I accepted the proposal of management with gratitude. I will try to make work of editorial staff even better co-ordinated and interesting to the viewers! With hope for long-term and effective cooperation with you. Happy upcoming New Year».


Stanislav Radzishevsky is a numerous world champion of Moscow, Russia, the numerous owner of the Russian and Moscow Cup in fishing on «mormyshka», the chief of national team of Russia on fishing sport.

Vice president of Federation of fishing sport of Russia, President of the Russian office of the European Federation of sea sports fishery of EFSA-RUSSIA.

Over the years he was the author and the host of radio - and TV programs broadcasting on the «RTR-Sport», «Russia-2», «Open Radio», «Radio Mayak», «Radio Sport» TV channels devoted to amateur and sport fishery.

Stanislav Radzishevsky is cooperating with «Okhota I Rybalka» TV channel for many years. He is the author and the host of the weekly news program «On Fishing with Desire», «Big Fishing», «Main Fishing», S. Radzishevsky and Co in search of fishing happiness".