For the purposes of generation of technical and economic resources for the long term, the Company makes significant investments in development of specialized innovative technologies according to international standards.

Innovative technologies and unique material and technological infrastructure give an opportunity for more effective management of industry-specific factors for generation and further usage of the STREAM MEDIA’s substantial competitive advantages.

STREAM MEDIA’s TV programs are produced on the basis of a unique innovative studio complex ‘Virtual studio’ by ORAD company Hi Tec Systems Ltd Israel.

This complex of broad manufacturing capability affords to produce various thematic content on a qualitatively new level.

All type of content such as: news, information and analysis programmes, children’s and musical shows and others are produced by using the “Virtual Studio”.

On September 10, 2012, on IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam, the Virtual studio was awarded the CTT Awards prize launched by ‘Cinema and TV Technics’ (CTT) magazine in ‘The Studio of the Year’ nomination for the largest virtual studio Orad Xync.

Production and technical facility

Production and technical facility is furnished with the cutting-edge equipment of the world leading manufacturers and provides the full circle of TV program production of any complexity (both studio or exterior), 2D and 3D graphics, TV content dubbing.

The apparatus studio block is an integral part of the studio complex based on the Panasonic AV-HS410E switcher, which allows controlling all stages of the shooting process, recording video in any format with Full HD resolution.

The video editing complex consists of 10 editing stations based on MacPRO with FinalCutPRO software. The server part of the video material storage, connected by the fiber-optic data transfer structure, provides a transmission speed up to 8Mb/s and has a capacity of 100 Tb.

Sound control room based on the YAMAHA audio mixer MG206C which allows recording a clear sound both when working with a virtual studio, and when recording narration from our narration booth

Tele Journalistic Complex consists of:

• 15 field sets based on Sony NEX fs700 video camera, each set has required range of replaceable optics Canon L-series, set of LED reportage light and two sound recording radio systems Sennheiser;
• • 5 field sets based on Sony NX5 video camera each set has required range of reportage light Dedolight and two sound recording radio systems Sennheiser;

• 21 mobile sets based on GoPRO Hero4 BE mini video camera (with 4K video recording capability), ABC Products TRAVELER camera crane with ABC Products REMOTE HEAD V5 dynamic head and Phantom1 helicopter, allowing to expand the video sequence of the programs and reports.

Full set of three-axis stabilization system DJI-Ronin and Ronin-M.

The mobile set of quadrocopter with FPV based on 3DR X8 + for GoPro camera with replaceable optics and two professional octopters for aero shooting, able to lift such cameras as RED.

The camera set based on Red Dragon 6K camera, including ILLUMINA S35 Lenses and Master-prime film optics.

DGI Insire 1 for advertising footages shooting.

DJI Phantom 2 for production of TV programs with three-axis stabilization system with GoPro 4 camera

10 field camera sets Canon Mark III with full range of optics, that cover required focus.

Varavon Wirecam Cable Cam System